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Upcoming Events

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Saint John Free Public Library in Market Square


General Meetings ~ 7:00pm on the second Thursday of October and April
Christmas Celebration ~ noon on an early Saturday in December
Annual Meeting ~ 7:00 pm, on the second Thursday of June

"New Brunswick Loyalist Journeys"
April 12th, 7:00 PM
Saint John Free Public Library
The NB Branch invites our members and the public to attend our April gathering, with guest speaker Leah Grandy. Grandy will speak on New Brunswick Loyalist Journeys, a new digital project that  recreates the stories of loyalists from the American Revolution utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and historical research. The initial phase of this project features the lives and Atlantic migrations of ten loyalists settling in York County, New Brunswick, illustrated through maps, images, documents, and biography. The stories of these fascinating individuals will be introduced, along with this new digital resource.

Leah Grandy holds PhD in History and is employed in the Microforms Unit of UNB Libraries where she works with The Loyalist Collection.