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Loyalists All coverLoyalists All,
by Gail Bonsall Pipes

Stories told about New Brunswick Loyalists by their descendants, compiled and edited by Gail Bonsall Pipes, New Brunswick Branch, United Empire Loyalists' Association (1985). This book contains biographical sketches of 59 loyalist ancestors of our members together with straight lines of descent from the ancestor to the member. 192pp It may be ordered from the NB Branch:

The names of the Loyalist ancestors in this book may be viewed by clicking here.

Price: Can $24.00, plus S&H

Loyalists All

The Loyalists iof New Brunswick coverThe Loyalists of New Brunswick, by Esther Clark Wright

This book has the nickname "the Loyalist bible" for good reason. We offer a high quality paper bound copy of the famous 1955 publication. Genealogical researchers will delight in using the appendix of the book. It contains an alphabetical list of the names of heads of families or single men of 18 years of age and upwards, their former home, their military service during the revolution, their first land grants, their subsequent grants and place of residence. The text also tells the Loyalist story and contains too many interesting details to mention.

Price: Can $28.00, plus S&H

The Loyalists of New Brunswick

Some Burial Records coverSome Burial Records of the Loyalist Burial Ground, Saint John, NB, by Graeme F. Somerville

First privately published in 1985 as a personal commemoration of the bi-centennial of the incorporation of Saint John, this book provides two 19th century records of burials in what was then known as the City Burial Ground.  The first source is the only surviving record of interments and runs from 1839 to 1847.  The second source is the book Loyalist Centennial Souvenir published in 1883, which lists the names of persons inscribed on monuments, many of which have long since disappeared.

Can $22.00, plus S&H

Some Burial Records of the Loyalist Burial Ground, Saint John NB

Loyally Yours 100, compiled & edited by Frederick H. Hayward, UE

Over one hundred years ago a dream came true. The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada was born - incorporated on 27 May 1914 - following a century of searching for a common voice to represent the memory of the Loyalists.  Offering a fresh overview of the United Empire Loyalists and a history of the predecessor societies, “Loyally Yours” also documents the first 100 years of UELAC.  Histories of the local branches add a modern national perspective. With 100s of photographs, this special edition creates a memorable review of objects, events and personalities of our first century.

Can $25.00, plus S&H

Loyally Yours 100

Their Loyalty They Kept, by Glen N. Wiche

While in America the Loyalists are thought of as being among history’s greatest losers, they are proudly remembered in Canada as being the founders of the modern Canadian nation. The sheer number of Loyalists who came to Nova Scotia quickly overwhelmed the slender resources of the colony and the Province of New Brunswick, so often referred to as the “Land of the Loyalists,” was born.

There are thousands of Loyalist lives that remain unrecorded. This book is an attempt to sketch out the lives of some of the Loyalists of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It is, in the words of an early Loyalist chronicler, an attempt to “gather up the fragments that remain.”

Can $28.00, plus S&H

Their Loyalty They Kept

The Burdens of Loyalty: Refugee Tales from the First American Civil War, by Stephen Eric Davidson

The Burdens of Loyalty  recounts the tales of over one hundred loyalist refugees who were evacuated to present day New Brunswick. The rich and complex tapestry of their experiences will be explored by following the course of one refugee couple, John and Hepzibeth Lyon. 
As we follow the thread of the Lyons' lives through the tapestry of the revolution we learn the stories of other loyalists who they encountered while making their way to a final refuge. The deep divisions of the War of Independence appear in the day-to-day lives of the citizens of Redding, Connecticut, where brother fought brother. There are further accounts of the impact of this devastating civil war when Nova Scotia-bound ships evacuated the loyalists who sacrificed everything for a united empire,. Finally, as John and Hepzibeth settled in the wilderness of the St. John River Valley, there are tales of how their fellow war refugees began to build new lives in a land far from their homes and loved ones.
 What price did these displaced people pay for their burdens of loyalty? The answer is to be found in the refugee tales of this book.

Can $28.00, plus S&H

The Burdens of Loyalty

Loyalist Rebellion

Loyalist Rebellion in New Brunswick, by David Bell

The refugees who fled to Canada after the Revolutionary War wished to build a distinct, non-American culture. In Saint John an elite of well-connected men, mainly from Massachusetts, allied themselves with officials appointed by Britain and sought to control the levers of power in the colony. They were opposed by upstart political leaders who, with the support of a majority of residents, bitterly fought the already-entrenched minority.

The result was conflict, a war of words that soon escalated into mob violence and criminal trials. When the critics of the governor won an election, the governor and his coterie engineered a reversal of the result. Popular political leaders were charged and convicted of sedition.

The hostility of colonial administrators in Canada to dissent and political opposition and their labelling their opponents -- even Loyalists -- as disloyal rebels was long lasting. This fascinating account of early Canadian politics challenges many conventional ideas about the role of Loyalists and British colonial administrators in Canada's original political culture.

Can $22.95, plus S&H

Loyalist Rebellion in New Brunswick

American Loyalists to New BrunswickAmerican Loyalists to New Brunswick ~ The Ship Passenger Lists, by David Bell

In 1783 many American Loyalists sailed north from New York to the St. John River valley in colonial Nova Scotia. This volume makes available the source materials documenting this vast migration. Most records were discovered at the National Archives of the United Kingdom.

In this book you can follow thousands of loyal American refugees at one or more critical points in their journey of exile:

  • on registering their names at New York to take part in the exodus

  • on boarding a ship for the voyage northward

  • on drawing provisions from the army commissariat at St. John Harbour after arrival

  • as recipients of town lots in the future city of Saint John

  • as participants in the political turmoil that overtook the American Loyalists in exile

Can $34.95, plus S&H

American Loyalists to New Brunswick

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