Mission Statement

To preserve, promote and celebrate the history and traditions of the Loyalist epoch in New Brunswick history by:

1) Uniting in a New Brunswick association the descendants of those families who, during the American Revolutionary War, sacrificed all to retain their loyalty to the British crown.

2) Collecting and cataloguing portraits, documents, books, weapons, flags, clothing and other artifacts relating to the United Empire Loyalists.

3) Publishing an historical and family research journal, books and newsletters as well as educational resource materials and encouraging scholarship and publication about Loyalist history and demography. Particular attention shall be given to the teaching of Loyalist history in New Brunswick elementary schools.

4) Erecting, constructing and repairing buildings, monuments and memorials in New Brunswick to perpetuate the memory of the United Empire Loyalists.

5) Increasing public awareness of the Loyalist contributions to New Brunswick and preserving, defending, and promoting Loyalist heritage within New Brunswick society, by developing and participating in projects and activities which honour and celebrate the memory of the United Empire Loyalists.

6) Defending and promoting the values and institutions fundamental to New Brunswick's United Empire Loyalist heritage and, in particular, the Constitutional Monarchy, the Commonwealth, Parliamentary Government, the Rule of Law, Human Rights and Unity.