Stephen Davidson's Publications

The son of two Saint Johners, Stephen Davidson now lives with his family in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia where he is an elementary teacher. During his university days, he was the editor of the Acadia Atheneaum and created the education kit for the New Brunswick Museum's first traveling exhibit, Spirit of the Windships. As well as directing Historica Fairs, Davidson has written historical articles for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Generations, The Beaver Magazine, Loyalist Trails, The Loyalist Gazette, The Telegraph Journal, and the Kings County Record. His research identified the first two Black Loyalists to arrive in New Brunswick. Davidson contributed biographies of women and Africans to two loyalist websites created by the University of New Brunswick. 2007 saw the publication of his first young adult novel, "Letters for Elly".







Those of you interested in buying Davidson's e-book, The Burdens of  Loyalty: Refugee Tales from the First American Civil War can purchase it online.  It sells for $6.00 CDN and will be sent via e-mail as a PDF attachment which can be downloaded onto any computer. Customers then have the option of reading it on their computer screens or printing it off.  Click here for a review of this title.

The 1991 rebellion in Sierra Leone forces Canadian teenager, Elly Kent, to spend the summer with her great-aunt and uncle in New Brunswick. Not only is their summer cottage far from the big city shopping malls, the relatives' idea of a good time is to transcribe tombstone inscriptions! Elly's sole contact with her school friends is through e-mails that she can send only once a week. When she breaks her leg, it looks like a sure-fire recipe for Elly's most boring summer of all time.

Things change, however, when Elly sits against a tombstone while using her laptop computer. Suddenly, a letter from over two hundred years ago appears. There's talk of war, persecution, and refugee camps. Is it really a letter written by a loyalist teenager in the midst of the American Revolution? Over the course of the summer, six more letters pop up on Elly's computer screen. Whether it is a hoax or an amazing communication across time, the letters for Elly change her summer into one she'll never forget.

"Letters for Elly" can be bought at the New Brunswick Museum gift shop, the Carter House Tea Room in Kingston, or ordered on-line.